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Episode 11: Surprising Discoveries In The Gut Reports Of Everyday People

Episode 11: Surprising Discoveries In The Gut Reports Of Everyday People

When you look at gut report results day in and day out, you’re bound to come away with some unique insights and helpful tips.


That’s why we’re thrilled to showcase BIOHM’s Director of Wellness, Aubrey Phelps, to kick off season 2 of The Microbiome Report. Aubrey is a registered dietician and nutritionist focused on preventing and restoring wellness by dialing in on the basics: food, movement, breath, and sleep.


On this episode, she joins host Andrea Wien to talk about what she’s learned by looking at people’s poo (Okay, not really. She looks at reports of what’s in their poo, but still!) Through her detective working analyzing thousands of gut reports she’s discovered some shocking discoveries, including that Candida isn’t as common as we’ve been lead to believe.


She’s also seen first hand again and again that diet and lifestyle changes can make a profound impact in someone’s overall health in a relatively short amount of time.

To learn more about how the gut report works, head to https://biohmhealth.com/collections/gut-testing. To connect with Aubrey, go to her website at www.backtoscratch.net, or follow her on Instagram @aub_the_rd.


On this show, you’ll learn:

  • How the Gut Report works at BIOHM Health (1:36)
  • What the Gut Report tells us (2:35)
  • Recommendations on how to balance the microbiome (4:33)
  • What is proteobacteria? (6:11)
  • Parallels between the microbiome and certain diets and lifestyles (8:52)
  • Common symptoms seen (12:00)
  • Differences in the microbiome based on geographical location or life stage (13:50)
  • Surprising discoveries revealed in the Gut Reports (16:43)
  • How long until results are seen? (18:56)
  • The different steps need for optimal healing (20:24)
  • How much is diet and lifestyle driven? (23:55)


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