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Episode 34: Is The Microbiome Key In Healing Autism?

In 2018, the CDC determined that 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Devastatingly, the numbers continue to climb each year, but research is emerging that points to the microbiome as a place for potential answers and even a cure.   

News of how anti-inflammatory diets and gut health can impact autism symptoms has been out for awhile, but we’re now starting to learn in much more detail how the balance of the microbiome plays a role.   

On this episode, Andrea talks with Dr. Theresa Lyons, an international autism educator, a Yale-trained scientist and autism parent. Dr. Lyons is the premiere voice of scientific reason in the world of autism and has become known as “The Professor of Healing Autism.”  

Featured | Dr. Theresa Lyons, an international autism educator, a Yale-trained scientist and autism parent.

They discuss early warning signs and common gut symptoms associated with autism diagnosis, preventative measures parents can take, and how she speaks about the capacity for healing.   

To connect with Dr. Lyons, head to awetism.net and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube  



On this show, you’ll learn: 

  • The scientific perspective of what the spectrum really is (2:01)
  • How many people may actually be on the spectrum (6:00)
  • Autism characteristics (6:58)
  • Common gut symptoms associated autism (8:04)
  • Studies on GI issues and how they may impact autism (11:30)
  • Dr. Lyons’ journey with her daughter and autism (14:41)
  • Early diagnosis and late diagnosis (20:42)
  • The Autism Healing Matrix (21:19)
  • Questions to ask your doctor (25:54)
  • Celebrating the successes (30:01)
  • Strains of bacteria that are beneficial for a person with autism (32:23)
  • Can a round of antibiotics exacerbate symptoms? (34:16)
  • Levels of healing (37:19)
  • One thing that Dr. Lyons is most excited about (43:19)


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