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Episode 4: How is SIBO different from IBS?

Episode 4: How is SIBO different from IBS?

Phoebe Lapine is the author of “The Wellness Project” and the woman behind the popular blog, Feed Me Phoebe. Having been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in her early 20s, she’s spent the last half decade trying to reconcile her love for hedonistic foods with her new, healthier lifestyle.

Still, despite all she knows about gut health and diet, she recently found herself staring down a SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) diagnosis that threw her for a loop. When she came up mostly empty-handed in her search for reliable information on SIBO, she took matters into her own hands, launched a blog series detailing the whats, whens, and hows of her treatment, and even started a SIBO-centered podcast.

On today’s show, she walks Andrea through how she discovered she had SIBO and how others who suspect an issue can find out for sure. She also discusses the most common risk factors for SIBO (food poisoning, we’re looking at you!) and some different remedies on how to control it if you’ve got it.

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