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Episode 41: Personalized Medicine, Drug Non-Responders, Ancient Microbes [Straight From The Gut]

Pretty often, we get into interesting discussions about the direction of the microbiome space or a new piece of research coming out of the lab, but we have no way to draw you - our listeners - into the conversation. 

Featured | Delves into research on the microbiome and its tie to autism

That’s all about to change. Starting with this episode, we’re launching a new monthly segment of the show called “Straight From The Gut.” These episodes will feature Andrea (our podcast host), Afif Ghannoum (co-founder and CEO of BIOHM), and sometimes, a special guest in a free-flowing discussion about whatever’s on their minds or in the news. 

This first episode delves into research on the microbiome and its tie to autism, how we’re using big data to mine for information, personalized medicine, resurrecting ancient microbes and more.  Have your own questions or resources that you’d like the team to discuss on-air? Email them to themicrobiomereport@gmail.com, or reach out on one of our social channels @BIOHMHealth.   



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