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Episode 6: How Losing Half Your Body Weight Affects Your Microbiome

Episode 6: How Losing Half Your Body Weight Affects Your Microbiome

What happens to the microbiome when you lose half your body weight? While we know that there are obesity markers in the microbiome (an imbalance in firmicutes and bacteroides, for example), less is known about what goes on when your physiology changes so dramatically.

Our guest on this show is Eve Guzman, a macro coach and BIOHM ambassador who lost half her body weight and landed herself in People Magazine for her incredible accomplishment. At her heaviest, Eve weighed 277 pounds. After 16 months, she was down 120 pounds, but she didn’t give up there. In the end, she dropped her weight to 136 pounds, then went even further by cutting more weight to compete in bodybuilding competitions.

That’s when things got a little dicey. Digestively, Eve started to notice symptoms she’d never had before. And when she started talking to other bodybuilders, they confided that they had similar issues.

So, what was going on? Why did getting slimmer cause digestive issues that weren’t there when she was heavier?

In this episode, Eve tells us what was going on when her gut was going haywire, we take a peek into her very first gut report results, and she gives Andrea the skinny on how she tweaked her diet (again!) to improve her gut.  

To follow Eve, find her on Instagram or visit her website at gtransformationfitness.com.


On this show, you’ll learn:

  • Eve’s initial information resources for losing weight (3:27)
  • Eve’s gut health at the start of her weight loss journey (4:35)
  • Her decision to make being in People magazine a driving factor (5:39)
  • How social media helped get Eve in the magazine (6:44)
  • Inspiration and advice for others looking to make that lifestyle change (7:58)
  • Low carb’s effect on the gut microbiome (9:48)
  • Eve’s own experience with going low carb for bodybuilding (11:12)
  • Eve’s first Gut Report from BIOHM Health (13:28)
  • What changes Eve made after her first report (14:42)
  • The role stress played in this report (17:24)
  • Recommendations for those who find themselves not feeling great (19:53)

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