Why Probiotics?

Your gut is made up of a community of microorganisms, both good and bad. These microorganisms are a natural part of the ecosystem known as the micro biome. Usually the residents of the microbiome do a good job of keeping each other in check, or "in balance."

However, your gut's balance can easily be disturbed by a number of factors — even ones we encounter on a daily basis. Diet, stress, lack of sleep and even your genetics impact your gut's balance which can lead to digestive issues.

Science has proven that a balanced gut goes hand in hand with optimized digestive health and overall wellness.

Probiotics help you maintain digestive balance by populating your gut with good organisms that can control the bad organisms lurking in your gut.


Good bacteria is only part of the story.

Your gut contains both bacteria and fungi. However, ordinary probiotics only address bacteria, ignoring fungi's role in digestive balance.

We didn't think that made sense.


By combining good bacteria + good fungi + digestive enzymes, BIOHM helps maintain the balance of bacteria AND fungi in your gut, all while breaking down digestive plaque.

Rethink Probiotics

BIOHM Ordinary
Contains Good Bacteria

30 billion live active cultures in each capsule.

Contains Good Fungi

Addressing the other major community in your gut

Proven to Destroy Digestive Plaque

Allows BIOHM to reach bad bacteria and fungi inside.

Survives Stomach Acid

Ensures probiotics are alive when they reach your gut.

How BIOHM Works

You know plaque builds up on your teeth; but did you know that plaque also builds up in your gut? It’s called Digestive Plaque.
Bad bacteria and fungi hide within Digestive Plaque, making it difficult for ordinary probiotics to reach and control them, making digestive balance difficult to maintain.

BIOHM is the first probiotic proven to break down Digestive Plaque, allowing it to balance your gut’s bacteria and fungi.

before Image before
after Image after

Tested at a Leading Medical Institution

BIOHM has been thorough tested by independent experts at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, one of the leading medical research institutions in the United States.

Unparalleled innovation requires unparalleled expertise.

Common Questions

Why should I care about the role of fungi in digestive health?

Up until about a decade ago, the scientific community studied microorganisms (like bacteria and fungi) as being completely independent of each other, and mostly from the perspective that they negatively impacted our health and wellness.

In the last few years, researchers have come to realize that microorganisms can play an extremely positive role in health and wellness, hence the emergence of probiotics.

However, one of the most important discoveries has been the relationship between bacteria and fungi in our bodies. Specifically, scientists have found that when one is impacted, it has an effect on the other. This indicates that there is a strong symbiotic relationship between bacteria and fungi, and that they essentially keep each other in check.

The understanding of bacteria and fungi's relationship took a giant step forward, when Dr. Ghannoum's research unearthed the fact that bacteria and fungi actually work together to protect each other, through forming digestive plaque.

THE RESULT? In order to support overall digestive health, we now understand that you have to address both bacteria and fungi.

Why should I care about digestive plaque?

During Dr. Ghannoum's landmark study on microbial imbalance in people with Crohn’s Disease, he discovered that bacteria and fungi work together to build digestive plaque. Digestive plaque acts like a shield over bad bacteria and bad fungi as they work to upset the microbial balance of the digestive system.

Dr. Ghannoum realized that to support overall digestive health and total gut balance, you must be able to break down digestive plaque, allowing good bacteria and fungi to reach bad bacteria and fungi hiding within the plaque.

Disclaimer: Importantly, while Dr. Ghannoum discovered digestive plaque while studying Crohn’s Disease, BIOHM is engineered to support general digestive health and maintain total digestive balance, and is not in anyway intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent Crohn's Disease.

How does BIOHM maintain total digestive balance?

BIOHM maintains total digestive balance, because not only was it designed to balance both the bacteria and fungi in your gut, it was also optimized to break down digestive plaque, a thick film on your gut's lining that acts like a protective shield over bad bacteria and fungi.

Our scientific team spent months engineering BIOHM, analyzing the specific strains and enzymes (and levels of each) to include, in order to achieve BIOHM's optimal efficacy in maintaining gut balance and breaking down digestive plaque.

BIOHM's formulation contains good bacteria, good fungi and a powerful enzyme that breaks through digestive plaque, allowing BIOHM’s 30 billion live cultures of good bacteria and good fungus to maintain, support and promote the balance of the total microbiome of bacteria and fungi in the digestive system.

How do I know BIOHM cultures are alive when they reach my gut?

To ensure that BIOHM cultures are alive when they reach your digestive tract, an enteric coating is applied directly on the probiotic during the manufacturing process, which protects the cultures as they make the harsh journey into your gut. Additionally, BIOHM's jar was created out of heat-resistant resin, in order to protect the cultures from the time they leave our manufacturing facility, until they arrive at your door.

How do you ensure the quality of the strains in BIOHM?

In order to ensure that BIOHM was in a class of its own when it came to both the science and quality, Dr. Ghannoum's team acquired the bacterial and fungal strains in BIOHM from the American Type Culture Collection (the ATCC). The ATCC is considered the gold standard in the scientific community when it comes to sourcing microorganisms.

Founded in 1925, the ATCC focuses on the acquisition, authentication, production, preservation, development and distribution of standard reference microorganisms and cell lines for research and development.

While Dr. Ghannoum's laboratory has a collection of over 30,000 strains of fungi (the largest collection in the United States outside the Centers for Disease Control), on the rare occasion he does not have a particular strain needed for a study, the ATCC is one of the first places he turns to in order to acquire the needed microorganism.

Do I need to worry that BIOHM contains fillers, flow agents, artificial colors, or non-organic ingredients?

No. At BIOHM, we've painstakingly formulated our probiotics from the ground up to ensure they only contain the best strains of cultures, enzymes and ingredients available and do not include anything else, period.

BIOHM's capsules are 100% vegetarian and are manufactured in the United States at an FDA-audited facility.

Why should I get the BIOHM Gut Test?

The BIOHM Gut Test is the most comprehensive microbiome testing that has ever been made available to consumers.

Specifically, the BIOHM Gut Test is the only sequencing service in the United States that:

  • Gives you a specific breakdown of both the bacteria and fungi species in your digestive tract
  • Gives you the specific levels of each bacterial and fungal strain found in your digestive tract
  • Shows you how your bacterial strains and levels compare to the National Institutes of Health's Human Microbiome Project data on gut bacterial strains
  • Shows you how your fungal strains and levels compare to Dr. Ghannoum's clinical research data on gut fungal strains at Case Western Reserve University's Center for Medical Mycology. Dr. Ghannoum's laboratory is one of the United State's preeminent research centers for the study of medically-important fungus.

The BIOHM Gut Test microbiome sequencing is done in partnership with Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Medical Mycology.

This allows you to have your gut's microbiome analyzed by the same distinguished laboratories that perform the genetic sequencing in Dr. Ghannoum's groundbreaking microbiome research.

Supplement Your Balance Within