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  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit
  • Gut Test Kit

Gut Test Kit


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How It Works

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Report & Recommendations

There are 3 sections to your BIOHM Gut Testing Report:

Section 1 - Overall Gut Score  On a scale of 1 to 10 we “grade” your gut microbiome diversity. It’s sort of like a credit score, the higher the better.

Section 2 - Comparison  In this section we compare your levels of all 6 major bacterial communities and 4 major fungal communities to normal levels. We also provide you with a strain by strain analysis of your bacterial and fungal communities.

Section 3 - Actionable Recommendations  In plain English we explain whether your gut balance is in good shape. We also provide personalized dietary, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations to support your overall digestive health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to process my BIOHM Gut Test sample?

Once our lab receives a sample and it passes QC (quality control), processing typically take 4-6 weeks to yield results. Your results will be then uploaded into your gut test portal account, in addition to an email notification letting you know they are available for you to view.

What information will the Gut Test provide me?

The gut report will discover the bacteria and fungi that live in your gut. As part of the test you will receive a comprehensive report outlining:
• An overall gut score on a scale of 1 to 10. Think of it like a credit score for your gut.
• Comparison of your results to normal gut levels.
• Actionable wellness recommendations from BIOHM’s Microbiome-trained Registered Dietitians based on your personal results.

Is the BIOHM Gut Test Kit right for me?

If you are someone that is interested in learning more about your microbiome than the BIOHM Gut Test Kit is right for you. Whether you have digestive issues or not, this test will help provide you with actionable nutrition, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations.

Why is gut health important?

Think of your microbiome as your second brain. When you build up the right bacteria and fungi, your brain tells the rest of your body that it’s okay to feel good again. This is the reason gut health is crucial for overall health.

NOTE: At this time we cannot ship outside the US

Stage 1


During this stage we check to ensure your sample has enough fecal material on it to be process and obtain accurate results.

Stage 2


During this stage the bacterial and fungal DNA strains are pulled out from your sample and prepared for the next steps. 

Stage 3

Polymerase Chain Reaction

During this stage make millions of copies of the extracted DNA strands so that we can make a more accurate measurement.

Stage 4


During this stage the bacterial and fungal DNA strains are prepared to they can be identified and quantified through the sequencing process.

Stage 5


This is the final stage of the sequencing process and the DNA is identified and summarized. From this data we generate your personalized report.

Stage 6


We create your Microbiome Sequencing report that compares your levels of bacteria and fungi to the normal population and collaborate with a registered nutritionist to provide specific wellness recommendations.

Stage 7


The final report is reviewed by a microbiome-trained registered nutritionist who will provide wellness recommendations to balance your overall digestive health.

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