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By Dr. Ghannoum
Breaks down digestive plaque
Combines beneficial bacteria & fungi
Balances total gut
Supports nutrient absorption
Dr. Ghannoum

Spent more than 40 years studying the body’s native fungal community - long before gut health was trendy and kale was cool!

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Why BIOHM vs. Other Probiotics?

Other probiotics have not been designed to address the role of both bacteria AND fungi.

Instead they concentrate just on bacteria — offering a partial solution to total gut balance. By only concentrating on bacteria, fungi is allowed to flourish unchecked, leading to digestive imbalance.



The Only Probiotic Proven To Break Down Digestive Plaque

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The Only Probiotic Proven To Break Down Digestive Plaque

Just like plaque builds up on teeth, plaque also builds up in your digestive system. Digestive plaque protects bad bacteria and bad fungi that upset the balance of your gut.

BIOHM neutralizes bad bacteria and bad fungi inside, while rebalancing the digestive system - supporting optimal digestive health.

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Meet Dr. Ghannoum

Over 40 years ago, a lone scientist began exploring one critical but neglected inhabitant of the human body: fungi. As a matter of fact, Dr. Ghannoum is the first scientist to give this microscopic world the name by which we know it today, the mycobiome (“myco” meaning fungus).

The mycobiome is a critically under addressed aspect of your microbiome. The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes - bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses - that live on and inside the human body.

Dr. Ghannoum is the first scientist to design a probiotic combining beneficial bacteria & fungi to achieve total gut balance.

As the ”Godfather of the Mycobiome,” Dr. Ghannoum’s research has been published in over 400 peer reviewed scientific papers, and cited over 20,000 times. His work has been featured in Science Magazine, Scientific American, and Forbes as well as NPR, USA Today and countless other publications.

So, if you are looking for a formula designed to truly achieve total digestive balance, there isn’t a better designed product than the one developed by Dr. Ghannoum!

What They Have To Say

“I’m definitely loving BIOHM and it’s quickly become my go-to choice for a probiotic. This one is also safe to take on an empty stomach!”

Lindsey S., @that1polishrunner, Instagram

“BIOHM is without a doubt the best probiotic I've ever taken and I've been taking different types for 4 years!”

Caroline F.

Common Questions

Up until about a decade ago, the scientific community studied microorganisms (like bacteria and fungi) as being completely independent of each other, and mostly from the perspective that they negatively impacted our health and wellness.

In the last few years, researchers have come to realize that microorganisms can play an extremely positive role in health and wellness, hence the emergence of probiotics.

However, one of the most important discoveries has been the relationship between bacteria and fungi in our bodies. Specifically, scientists have found that when one is impacted, it has an effect on the other. This indicates that there is a strong symbiotic relationship between bacteria and fungi, and that they essentially keep each other in check.

The understanding of bacteria and fungi's relationship took a giant step forward, when Dr. Ghannoum's research unearthed the fact that bacteria and fungi actually work together to protect each other, through forming digestive plaque.

THE RESULT? In order to support overall digestive health, we now understand that you have to address both bacteria and fungi.

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